What is the difference between an Watervision TV and a regular TV?

A:Unlike regular TV’s Watervision is a completely waterproof television. There are no electronic components exposed to water or moisture.
Due to our strong IPX waterproof industry rating our TV’s are guaranteed to have the same lifetime span as a regular television.
Exposing a regular TV to water and moisture in a bathroom will not pass local safety regulations and the electronic components will rust and/or become damaged.

Can I connect the Watervision TV like any other TV?

A:Yes, all Watervision TV’s come standard with the same inputs as a regular TV. The Watervision TV can be connected to DVR, DVD, and VHS systems, or you can connect an antenna to receive local channels.
Standard is also the HDMI input which allows you to connect the TV to a Blue Ray player so that you may enjoy all your favorite movies in High Definition.

Do the Watervision TV come complete with a wall box and everything I will need?

A:Yes, all Watervision TV’s come with everything you will need for assembly including the wall box.

Can I connect external speakers to the Watervision TV?

A:Yes, all Watervision TV’s come standard with audio outputs that allow you to connect extra speakers.

Are the speakers waterproof?

A:Yes, all our offered speakers are completely waterproof.

Is the housing of the Watervision TV rust proof?


 Yes, the housing is powder coated and made of aluminum, making it completely rust proof and resistant to water, steam and moisture.

Can I control a DVD or DVR player with the Wave remote controller?


Yes, the Wave remote controller allows you to control the TV, DVR, DVD or satellite setup box. Up to 3 devices from a single water proof remote control.  

Can the screen fog ?


No. The warmth of the TV radiates through the front side of the TV screen making the Watervision TV completely fog free.